Aeron Remastered

Just as iconic films and albums are updated for new audiences, Aeron has been remastered to meet the needs of today’s work, workers, and work environments. By coupling co-designer Don Chadwick’s vision with Herman Miller’s latest research around the science of sitting, the new Aeron works smarter than ever before—so you can too. Inclusive Design. Health Positive. Cross Performance. Environmentally Sensitive. 



Office of Experience

Office of Experience (OX), a Chicago-based design firm, wanted to trade in the traditional office for an ecosystem built around their creativity. We explored a variety of solutions alongside of the OX team. After carefully analyzing the space, structure and movement of the office, we found that the Herman Miller Layout Studio was a perfect fit for the employees and the office footprint. New workstations anchored the work area while the open concept encouraged communication. Breakout areas created informal, collaborate places for groups to huddle and imagine. The timelessness of the Herman Miller Collection became the matchless canvas for OX’s classic and vibrant personality. 



Building Local and National Partnerships


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