Supervisor: Mark Kortenhoeven, Operations Manager
Hours: 8:30-5:00, Monday-Friday
Location: 476 Brighton Drive, Bloomingdale IL 60108
Benefits: Medical, dental, paid time off, gym membership contribution, 401(k) contribution, and more.

Position Summary: The Warehouse Manager at Thomas Interior Systems (TIS) will oversee all warehousing functions including receiving, inspection, tagging and shelving, staging, loading, and management of returned goods.  During each stage of the inventory process, the Warehouse Manager will ensure the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and safety.  A strong candidate will not only maintain existing procedures, but will continually analyze processes, isolate issues and implement innovative solutions to improve TIS operations.  


  • Supervise individual warehouse crews (receiving, loading, unloading) and provide support for Nextis team 
  • Maintain meticulous organization of warehouse to ensure timely departures, efficient process flow, effective use of space, and prompt resolution of issues as they arise
  • Oversee the Receiving process – including unloading, inspection for damage, tagging, and proper system entry
  • Oversee the Inventory Management process – including shelving, movement of product, identification of old/obsolete inventory, and segregation of TIS stock, resale goods, and product held for clients.
  • Oversee the Loading process – including pulling product, staging, and loading onto trucks each night according to work orders. No product should be left off a truck unless properly noted. 
  • Enforce Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS) principles throughout warehouse
  • Uphold TIS standards and ensure safety of all warehouse employees
  • Provide training, instruction, and constructive feedback to individual team members
  • Cultivate an environment of fun, cooperation, trust and efficiency


  • 5 - 7 years of experience in a warehousing / inventory management role
  • A proven track record of leadership
  • Extremely organized, detail oriented and cleanly
  •  Excellent communication skills with individuals at various levels of an organization
  • Gifted at motivating team members and strategically coordinating the efforts of a group
  •  Ability manage numerous requests, remain calm under pressure and make sound, educated decisions
  •  Knack for restoring order and stability when problems emerge