What do Great Workplaces, organizations with a truly motivated, engaged workforce, have in common? How do they stay ahead of the competition? They follow the twelve essential strategies for creating a great place to work. These organizations take the time to learn the languages and perspectives of workplace generations. Learn about the twelve essential strategies and the five generations of knowledge workers who will be pooling their talents for competitive advantages for their organizations and turns a group of employees into a united, service-driven team. 


Tom's book, The Great Workplace Transformation is written in a serial entrepreneurial style, a "once upon a time" learning parable about failure meeting WOW in the workplace after living happily ever after. This practical, "how to get it done" sequence book takes us from joining the Great Workplace Revolution to a positive workplace transformation. A must-read for all employees and a learning tool for organizations that have been stalled in the "my way or the highway" management style of generations past. 


Providing us with "The Father's Guide", the 12 steps to help you become the father that every son wants and needs, and the tools to stay engaged with him. This is an autobiographical look at the writers' humble beginnings as the middle son of an immigrant tailor in a small Midwest town. A story about a father and son that started and ended well, but had a very difficult middle. Data suggests father absence is about one out of every three children with live in biological-father absent homes, however the number is present, but non-engaged, fathers with sons and or daughters, pushes that number higher.


Tom shares 25 bold steps to a happy fulfilled and engaged retirement. Why is this important today? The Baby Boomer Factor. There will be 78 Million who will be entering retirement over the next three to six years. Research shows that most of this age group has done little or no preparation, for this life changing event! Today we are told that after only one year of retirement, 60% to as high as 70% of retired people are unhappy and disappointed with their quality of life! RETIREMENT: The Best is Yet to Come, provides a pathway of hope for a happy, positive, and engaged retirement that will ensure that every year of your retirement will be your best yet! 


TRANSFORMATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS traces the pathway to finding your "Best Self" becoming a positive future-based lifetime-learner. From young childhood to our senior years, we are strongly influenced by the people with whom we associate. Some are chosen and some are not. As we relate with those around us, we hopefully seek out and encounter transformational learning relationships with gifted, and creative people, from multiple generations from whom we can learn. These positive learning experiences can and do provide us with our very own "lifetime advantage". This advantage leads to a successful and fully engaged life which we then can share with others.