Sit. Stand. Move. Repeat.

Between sleeping and sitting, most of us are standing still for approximately 21 hours each day. Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables make movement a more natural part of your day, letting you seamlessly transition from sitting to standing and back again.

Switching postures reduces the physical stresses that put you at risk for aches and pains so you can keep up a steady flow of energy and ideas. If you want, you can use this table and all this new movement as an excuse to skip the gym. We won't judge. 


This chair might be smarter than you.

Don't be offended. Elastomer strands. Eco-dematerialized. 3D suspension support. If it sounds fancy, it is. 

Sayl's engineering mimics a suspension bridge, structures that deliver the most using the least amount of material. Using fewer materials in a more thoughtful way, Sayl provides you with targeted support in the areas of your back where you need it the most while still encouraging freedom of movement. Fewer materials also mean a smaller environmental impact, so, yes, this chair is smarter than all of us. 



Organize your files. Hide your snacks.

Tu Storage keeps the things you actually use for working and living nearby, so you can have a more personal connection to your workplace.

It's not too much nor too little, because it does double duty, letting you easily sort through your documents, find your scissors, and stash an umbrella for a rainy day. 




Easy on the eyes.

If you can't adjust the placement of your monitor so it's comfortable for your eyes, your body will compensate, causing you to hunch over and crane your neck and negating the ergonomic benefits of a high-performance work chair. 

Flo Monitor Arms give you unsurpassed range to adjust height, viewing distance, and angle on your monitor with maximum precision and minimum effort. 



Techno(logic)ally speaking, it's common sense.

You shouldn't have to crawl under tables and chairs to find an outlet. Logic Power Access solves your problems, giving you power where you need it, when you need it. It's as simple as that. 

Everything about Logic is exactly how it should be–so natural to use that you'll almost forget it's there.

Living Office 8.jpg

This is just the beginning.

There is no one-size fits all, off the shelf workstation. Let's start here:
What works for you? What doesn't?

We build timeless design and unparalleled innovation into every one of our products, so that we can focus on building a workstation that's uniquely yours, designed to meet your current needs and anticipate your future ones. This is the essence of human-centered and research-driven design. 


Herman Miller and Thomas Interior Systems want to thank you for stopping by and working. We hope you enjoy all the tools we've provided! If you need help with anything as you explore during the pilot process, our local installation team is standing by. Contact Tricia Else at 312-608-3964 or shoot her an email